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Five teams from CBEIS achieved great results in the 2018 National Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering Innovation Design Competition

【Publisher】:生物医学工程与仪器科学学院英文网【Time】:2018-09-11 【Frequency】:27

During August 26th to 28th, the final of the 4th National Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering Innovation Design Competition sponsored by the Ministry of Education's Biomedical Engineering Professional Steering Committee was held at Shenzhen University. Zhejiang University sent 5 teams from CBEIS, and all of them reached the final. The 5 teams performed well and won three first prizes and two second prizes. Professor Wang Ping of our college won the “Outstanding Instructor Award”. Zhejiang University also won the “Excellent Organization Award” for its superb organization and achievements.


Students of CBEIS achieved great results

A total of 105 teams from 64 schools were selected for the finals, which consisted of defense, demonstration of works and the Q&A. After intense competition, Zhang Bin, Yuan Qunchen, Qin Chunlian, “The Rat Olfactory Robot Based on Implanted Electrode and Brain-Computer Interface”, Wei Xinwei, Gu Chenlei, Xue Yingying, “Double-Functional Cell Sensing Detection System and Its Application in Antitumor Drugs Evaluation”, and Ji Daizong, Wu Jiajia, Chen Zetao, “Smartphone-Based Wearable Electrochemical Detection System for Simultaneous Detection of Ascorbic Acid, Uric Acid, and Dopamine” won the first prize; Zhong Longjie, Gan Ying, and Sun Jiadi, “Bionic Electronic Eye and Toxin Portable Detection Instrument and Dong Hao, Yu Qiwen, Chen Jing, the Non-invasive and Online Anesthesia Monitoring System Based on Rapid Gas Chromatography won the second prize. The instructors of the five teams are Professor Wang Ping, Professor Liu Qingjun and Professor Chen Xing, among which Professor Wang Ping won the “Outstanding Instructor Award”.


Participants of the 5 teams from CBEIS

The National Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering Innovation Design Competition began in 2014. Its themes are hotspots about BME, which include human health, medical imaging, rehabilitation, and the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease. It aims to encourage college students to explore innovatively in the field of medical and health, and to promote the scientific and technological practice ability of college students.

The outstanding achievements of Zhejiang University in this competition show the solid basic knowledge and excellent research ability of Zhejiang University students. This is also due to that our school has invested a lot in biomedical engineering in recent years. It reflects the trend of rapid development of this discipline in Zhejiang University.

The 5th National Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering Innovation Design Competition will be held at the University of Electronic Science and Technology in 2019. Welcome everyone to participate!


Participants show the works

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