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Institute of Advanced Digital Technologies & Instrumentation

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The Institute of Advanced Digital Technologies & Instrumentation has a strong faculty, we not only have well-known senior professors but also a large number of vigorous young and middle-aged members. We focus on information acquisition and processing, software and hardware design, and integrated design of instrumentation systems. The Institute of Advanced Digital Technologies & Instrumentation currently has 1 national 1000-plan professor, 1 provincial expert, 1 Qiushi distinguished professor and 1 national 1000-plan youth program professor. All together, there are 9 professors, 11 associate professors, and 4 lecturers. In recent years, the institue gets more than two hundred research projects, with a total of about three hundred million RMB funding; including national 863 projects, natural science foundation special projects on instrumentation etc. The institute published over 100 research articles in prestigeous journals and has won the National Science and Technology Progress Award and the National Award for Technological Invention.

Research directions include: 

Sound and vibrations;

Signal processing;

Automobile electronices and LED control.


Director: Chen Yaowu               Email:

Deputy Director: Zhou Hong    Email:

Deputy Director: Yu Feng         Email:

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