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Four crowns in five years! Graduate students of CBEIS make great achievements in the "Three Good Cups" badminton tournament

【Publisher】:lxchen【Time】:2018-06-18 【Frequency】:100

On June 8 and 10, 2018, Zhejiang University's "Three Good Cups" badminton tournament (graduate group) was held at the Yuquan Campus Badminton Hall and the Shao Yifu Stadium. In this graduate group competition, a total of 21 departments participated in the team, and more than 200 athletes participated. Our college has sent 12 graduate students to participate in the competition of groups and individual competitions. They are Tian Qi, Zhang Wei, Zhao Dongdong, Gao Huan, Gao Keqiang, Ning Xiaoxiao, Gao Fan, Li Shuang, Hu Weiwen, Zhang Xu, Cao Qingpeng and Gan Ying.


In the end, with the hard work and outstanding performance of the players, College of Biomedical Engineering and Instrument Science once again became the double champion of the team championship and the total score, and this is the fourth champion of total score in five years (the rest of the years are: 2014, 2015 and 2017)! In addition, our team member Zhang Wei won the men's singles championship, Gao Huan / Li Shuang won the women's doubles runner-up, Zhang Wei / Ning Xiaoxiao won the mixed double third place.

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