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Prof. He Bin from CMU delivered a lecture on neuroengineering and brain imaging

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On the evening of June 11th, Prof. He Bin, Director of Department of Biomedical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) delievered a lecture on “Neural Engineering and Brain Imaging” at Room223, Mengminwei Building, Zijingang Campus, Zhejiang University. Ms. Wang Chunbo, the secretary of the party committee of CBEIS, presided over the lecture. Students from different faculties such as CBEIS and Chu kochen Honors College attend the lecture.


Prof. He Bin drew topics from psychosis and neuro-encephalopathy, and from his own experience. He told the story of his decision to transfer from the undergraduate automation major to the biomedical field through an article on brain waves in Science. It also raises a major challenge in modern science: the contradiction between high spatial resolution and high temporal resolution in brain imaging.


Prof. He Bin took his laboratory as an example to introduce some methods and examples of analyzing brain imaging, and talked about the efforts to resolve the contradiction between high spatial resolution and high temporal resolution, including combining brain electricity and brain magnetic phase, introducing ultrasound and other technical means. At the same time, Professor He Bin also talked about the application of brain imaging in modern life, especially in the treatment of patients with epilepsy.


Afterwards, Prof. He Bin gave a brief introduction to both invasive and non-invasive brain-computer interfaces, and played two videos of controlling robots and aircraft by human brains, which aroused great interest among the students. Prof. He Bin also put forward his point of view from his research experience: People with yoga and meditation experience are more likely to master the brain-computer interface skills.

At last, Prof. He Bin introduced the faculty and research direction of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University in the United States and the responsible professors and their subjects under each research direction. He also invites the students of Zhejiang University to study further in CMU.


In the discussion session, the students raised a lot of questions about the contents of the lecture. Prof. He Bin gave patient answers and gave them a high evaluation. Finally, the lecture ended with warm applause.

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