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CBEIS Representatives Visits the CMU and Silicon Valley Schoolfellows Corporations

【Publisher】:lxchen【Time】:2018-05-22 【Frequency】:463

During May 7th to 10thsecretary of the Party committee of BEIS Wang Chunbo along with some other representatives of our college visited the US. The group talked and collaborated with the BME department of CMU and Silicon Valley corporations of alumni and alumnae about science development, student training and talent introduction. In May 8th morning, secretary of the Party committee Wang Chunbo, associate dean Zhou Hong and director of the development committee Huang Hai and the rest of the group visited CMU, and met the department head of BME, professor He Bin. He Bin introduced the BME department’s development direction. Secretary of the Party committee Wang Chunbo introduced the overall situation about our college, and associate dean Zhou Hong shared some information about the student exchange programs. Professor Huang Hai reported the research status of the younger teachers like Ding Nai from ‘Thousand Youth’ and others. Afterwords, they talked about the science development, talent training of the BME department of ZJU. Moreover, constructive cooperation initiative was agreed on concerning the CMU-ZJU joint cross research center. The representative group also visited some CMU labs, at the meantime, developed an agreement with professor Jimmy Hsia, vice provost of CMU upon the undergrads 3+2 program. Professor Jimmy Hsia especially mentioned that they would welcome the students from our college to go to CMU and finish doctor study there, under the funding of the CSC.


On May 9th, the group visited the Crystal Instruments Corporation in California bay area, and received the report of the ongoing graduation project of two undergrads from our college who had been doing their graduation project at the corporation. The board chairman, alumnus Dr. Zhu Geqi was pleased to know what the students had been doing.


Later that night, the representative group held a sodality for college alumni and alumnae at the US California bay. It was hosted by Zhu Geqi, about 30 people joined the party. At the party, secretary of the Party committee Wang Chunbo reported the current situation about ZJU and our college. And people present all enjoyed and were able to catch up during the party. Also, Chairman of the NCUA Lu Guowen was invited to present at the party.


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