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Yue Reading Space of CBEIS “Youth is a good companion to study” and “Psychological Health Theme Reading Salon” successfully completed

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In order to encourage students to pay attention to mental health issues and the inadequacies in interpersonal communication and emotional management, the "Mental Health Theme Reading Salon" conducted by CBEIS successfully completed on the evening of April 21. This reading salon is divided into two episodes:

The theme of the first episode is "Interpersonal communication." During the sharing meeting on the evening of April 8th, the students discussed the conflicts that may easily arise and the cognitive errors that existed in the daily interpersonal process. They also grasped and addressed the self-role's positioning, cognition, and communication skills. The way in which conflicts are dealt with can make a rational analysis of some simulated cases and real situations, leading to more reasonable modes of interpersonal communication. Among them, Liu Yihao, Qian Jiaqi and Zhao Bin were the top three of the reading scores for the first episode, and they received small gifts such as bookmarks, gel pens, and book clips.

The theme of the second episode is "emotion management." During the sharing session on the evening of April 21, the students learned through the exploration of “the constituent elements of emotion”, “the factors that influence the expression of emotions”, the “principle of emotional expression”, and the “distressed emotions management”. We understood the generation, expression and influence of the emotion. Besides, we have further comprehension of cognition, management and adjustment of self-emotion. Among all students, Zhao Bin, Chen Jinxi, and Qian Jiaqi were the top three in the second episode, and they received a small gift prepared by Yue Reading Space. At the same time, these three students also scored the top three of the total scores for reading in the two episodes. They also won the beats headphones, portable clothes dryers and Xiaomi power banks prepared by Yue Reading Space.

Appreciate a lot for your support and participation in this event. I hope everyone can not only learn from the reading salon, but also apply knowledge and skills in interpersonal communication and emotional management, and add another gorgeousness and vivaciousness to your college life.

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