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"Farewell Cup" basketball game of CBEIS's Graduate and Doctoral Students Association

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In order to let the third grade graduate students feel the youthful passion of campus basketball again in the graduation season, and to draw a satisfactory conclusion for their own student career, also in order to enrich the extracurricular life of the second graduate student, with the support of the college, under the organization and coordination of the Graduate and Doctoral Students Association, the "Farewell Cup" basketball tournament of the CBEIS was successfully held on Sunday afternoon.

The three-point competition first opened the prelude to the "Farewell Cup." The first appearance of the graduate year one players was full of vigor. The seniors were also strong. The three-point pockets again and again ignited the atmosphere again and again, and finally decided that two players tied for first. There was an addition after the end of the race to determine the first place. 

After the warmth of the three-point competition, the All-Star race officially began. The team formed by the graduating class's elder brothers took the lead with a wealth of experience and excellent physical fitness. The first quarter ended with a 10-point lead in the graduating class. . In the second quarter, the junior team members of the first and second grades received bizarre effects, and the whirlwind had equalized the score. During the intermission, a two points penalty shootout competition was held. At that time, there were several players tied for the first place for their casting 6 balls out of 10. The final two ten-seven students entered the play-offs after the match. In the second half, the older brothers were more and more brave, the situation was firmly controlled in their hands and they successfully won the championship of the “Farewell Cup”.

The final is the play-off match between the three-point competition and the two-point competition. The two young men of graduate year one eventually won the three-point and two-point competition respectively.

After this competition, graduate year one and two students showed their own style, especially the first-year classmates who debuted for the first time, demonstrating youthful energy and enthusiasm. With the final whistle, it is also a perfect ending for the brothers to say goodbye to Zhejiang University in the championship. Once again, I wish the brothers and sisters a happy graduation and a bright future!

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